The Antigonish Casket – 8 November 1900

Date of Publication: November 
Type of Publication: Newspaper

Publisher: The Casket

Topics of Note: Obituaries, Railway, Weddings

Content Highlights

  • Supposed drowning of William Dexter at Antigonish Harbour
  • Alexander McGillivray run down by a team of horses
  • Train car derailed at Bayfield; train crash at Harbour au Bouche
  • Arthur Arbuckles paralyzed after being thrown from wagon


  • Mrs. Robert Flynn
  • Cassie McNeil
  • Duncan McMillan
  • James Wall
  • John Hugh Somers
  • Flora McDonald
  • Donald McIsaac
  • Alexander McGillivray


  • William C. Archibald and Loria Eadie
  • Roderick McDonald and Christy McNeil
  • John A. Smith and Lizzie Whalen
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