The Antigonish Casket – 15 February 1900

Date of Publication: February 
Type of Publication: Newspaper

Publisher: The Casket

Topics of Note: Gaelic Language & Culture, Obituaries, Weddings

Content Highlights

  • Gaelic Poem by A. McLean Sinclair
  • Death of Chisholm Chief
  • Land of the MacKinnons
  • Fire at Falt Brothers Mill
  • Messrs. McGillivray and McIntosh business failure
  • Program for Concert by Professor Horrigan and Fr. Defoy


  • Hugh McGillivray
  • Mrs. P.W. Duggan (– McDonald)
  • Jennet McDonald
  • Angus McDonald ‘Ban’
  • Ranald McLellan (Sarah Kennedy)
  • John Cameron
  • John McSween
  • Benjamin Carroll
  • Archibald J. Chisholm
  • Ronald McEachern


  • John C. McInnis and Elizabeth J. Carrigan
  • D.R. McDonell and Mary Belle Chisholm
  • Ronald McDonald and Margaret McDonald
  • Frank David and Mary Jane Avery
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