The Antigonish Casket – 13 December 1900

Date of Publication: December 
Type of Publication: Newspaper

Publisher: The Casket

Topics of Note: Mount Saint Bernard, Obituaries, Weddings

Content Highlights

  • Funeral of Vicar General Quinan
  • Christmas Tree at Mount St. Bernard


  • Alexander McDonald
  • Catherine McGillivray
  • Archibald McPhee
  • Mrs. Archibald Kennedy (– Beaton)
  • Mrs. John Barron (Mary Jane Brewer)
  • Mrs. John McInnis (Jane McDonald)
  • James Moore
  • James John Alexander Gillis
  • Margaret Ann Gillis


  • John McPherson and Sarah Cameron
  • Allan McAdam and Margaret McGibbon
  • Hugh McNeil and Annie McIsaac
  • John A. Forbes and Mary A. Gillis
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